Market Street Corridor Study

The Market Street Corridor Study is a data-driven comprehensive planning and engineering study that assessed public safety, public health, environmental, and transportation concerns along Market Street (PA Route 45) in the Historic District of Lewisburg Borough. The study area consists of a nine-block section of Market Street through Downtown Lewisburg, from the intersection of Market Street & US Route 15 to the Market Street Bridge over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.
Early in 2019, the Borough of Lewisburg, its citizens, and its partnering institutions and organizations came together for the mutual purpose of seeking a better understanding of the impacts of heavy vehicle traffic along Market Street, now and in the future. An engineering consulting team was hired to perform technical data research and analysis, such as: pedestrian, car and truck counts, speed studies, crash analyses, traffic signal phasing analyses, sound level and vibration analyses, pavement studies, as well as merchant and safety survey inquiries.

Five core concerns emerged from the study: Public Health and Safety; Integrity of the Historic District; Economic Viability and Vitality of the Downtown; Public and Private Infrastructure; and Overall Quality of Life.

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Final Market Street Corridor Traffic Study

Appendix A – Letters of Support Appendix B – Traffic Signal Diagrams Appendix C – Automatic Traffic Recorder Data Appendix D – Miovision Traffic Data
Appendix E – Traffic Volume Figures Appendix F – Crash Analysis Figure Appendix G – Signal Clearance Time Calculations Appendix H – Capacity Analysis Worksheets
Appendix I – Pedestrian Delay Calculations Appendix J – Noise and Vibration Study – Terra-Mechanics Inc Appendix K – Core Boring Reports – Stahl Sheaffer Appendix L – Letter from Fire Chief
Appendix M – Feedback from Public Meeting Appendix N – Market Street Corridor Survey on Safety Appendix O – Completed Market Street Corridor Study Feedback Forms

Appendix P – 2000 Lewisburg Borough Comprehensive Plan Excerpts