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What do I need to know about Flooding?

Much of Lewisburg Borough is susceptible to flooding.  While flooding can occur at any time, historically the worst floods occur in Summer/early Fall (tropical storms) and Winter/early Spring (ice jams and snowmelt).  Are you prepared for the next flood?  Below are some tips to help you before the next flood hits:

Know your flood hazard

  • The Borough is subject to flooding by the Susquehanna River, Buffalo Creek, and/or Limestone/Bull Run
  • Are you in a repetitively flooded area?
  • Call the Borough at (570)523-3614, SEDA-COG at (570)524-4491, or the Zoning Department of CK-COG at (570) 522-1326 to find out the flood hazard for your property

Insure your property for your flood hazard

  • Ask your insurance agent if you are covered for flood damage
  • Renters should buy flood insurance for their contents
  • Take advantage of a low-cost Preferred Risk Policy
  • Do you have a flood insurance policy? If so, see if you have contents coverage
  • There is a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect, so call your insurance agent now

Protect people from the hazard

  • If there is water on the street, turn around, don’t drown
  • Do not walk through flowing water
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical wires
  • Be aware of gas leaks

Protect your property from the hazard

  • Replace your flooded furnace or other utilities with ones elevated above the base flood level
  • Store your valuables and insurance papers upstairs in a waterproof container

Build responsibly

  • Make sure  you get a permit from the CK-COG  before you build
  • Use contractors who are familiar with the regulations regarding building in flood-prone areas

Protect natural and beneficial floodplain functions

  • Protect fish and wildlife and promote diversity
  • Filter nutrients and  pollutants from runoff and  increase water quality
  • Reduce the amount of sediment entering a waterway
  • Provide additional storage and decrease the velocity of floodwaters

Flooding, Erosion or Drainage Concerns?

On-site visits and technical assistance are provided to residents who are experiencing problems in areas of flooding and drainage, or for those who want recommendations on how to retrofit an existing property.  Funding or other financial assistance may be available for elevation and other mitigation activities for flooded properties. Please direct your inquires to David Hines, CFM, Lewisburg Borough Zoning Officer, at (570) 522-1326.

Floodplain Management Planning

Local Flood Information

The following information is provided as a tool for individuals to become aware that a significant amount of flood information is available for flood prone properties.  Additional questions or concerns should be directed to the Borough Manager at (570) 523-3614 or through email:  wlowthert@lewisburgborough.org

Residents can review their specific property location relative to the “If the Property is in the Floodway” and/or “If the Property is in a Repetitive Loss Area.”  Finding your property, one can then review its location with the map information located under “Local Flood Hazard Maps” to see how individual storms (Susquehanna River Crest height predictions) might impact their property.

Local Flood Hazard Maps

The maps below were prepared to provide a general illustration of the limits of flood inundation based on the river gauge readings. For example if there is a warning that the West Branch Susquehanna River is forecast to reach a flood height of 28 feet, click on the map entitled, “LbgBase28ft” to understand the areas to be affected.

Residents should also be aware that the Borough maintains flood stage poles throughout the Borough and near residential areas most prone to flooding.  These poles also correlate to the river gage to help residents understand the potential depth of flooding that may occur.

The maps below, the flood stage poles and the river gauge also correlate to the historic flood events listed in the “Local Flood Hazard” section of this website.

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