Lewisburg Borough Recognizes Flood Safety Awareness Week

In recognition of Pennsylvania’s Flood Safety Awareness Week starting on March 21st, Lewisburg Borough and SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) are raising awareness of the dangers of flooding and the resources available to help borough residents prepare.

Lewisburg Borough Manager William Lowthert said it is crucial to know what to do before, during, and after a flood.

“Lewisburg Borough is located in 3 watersheds, making flooding our top natural disaster concern in the Borough. Our residents and property owners can improve their resiliency by preparing in advance. Understanding your individual situation and what will happen to your property is important in order to prepare for the next flood event and recover afterwards.  We encourage residents to be proactive,” Lowthert said.

In high-risk areas, there is a one-in-four chance of experiencing a flood over the life of a 30-year mortgage and residents should consider purchasing flood insurance.

Safety tips to prepare for flooding include making a plan, building a go kit of supplies, knowing the types of flood risk in the borough (both river and stream flooding), signing up for emergency alerts, practicing evacuation routes and shelter plans, buying flood insurance, keeping important documents in a waterproof container, and proactively protecting property. More information about flood safety and preparedness can be found at www.ready.gov/flood.

SEDA-COG will publicize more safety tips the week of March 21st on its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The borough contracts with SEDA-COG to provide professional and administrative services for the Community Rating System (CRS), which gives its residents a 10% flood insurance premium discount for all properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area, and a 5% discount for all other properties. If residents’ properties are not mapped as that area, they still may qualify for a lower-cost preferred risk policy.

For more information about flood hazards, flood protection, or for a site inspection, residents may contact Lewisburg Borough at 570-523-3614 or office@lewisburgborough.org or SEDA-COG’s Flood Resiliency Program at 570-524-4491 ext. 7218.

Pennsylvania’s Flood Safety Awareness Week is held the fourth full week in March each year.

SEDA-COG’s Flood Resiliency Program offers services related to flood resiliency and mitigation assistance both within and outside of its 11-county region. Its goal is to help break the damage cycle and stop its drain on people and communities. For more information, visit https://seda-cog.org/departments/flood-resiliency/


Spring Brush Pick-Up April 4, 2022 through April 8, 2022

Borough residents are encouraged to participate in the annual spring (brush, tree trimmings, and leaves) pick-up scheduled for the week of April 4th through the 8th.

The Borough Public Works Department will be following the daily street maintenance schedule in its efforts to collect brush, tree trimmings, and leaves.  These materials will only be collected on the day the street is posted for no parking from 7 AM to Noon, and any subsequent debris left unattended will be considered litter.

Tree limbs and tree debris should be no larger than 4” in diameter and cut to manageable lengths.  It should be placed between the curb and the sidewalk where appropriate.  Leaves should be managed in the same manner as fall collection (placed in the gutter along the street) and not co-mingled with limbs and brush.

The Borough hopes this annual spring pick-up will help alleviate the hassle of collecting the material individually and having to schedule with the municipal brush pile times of operation.  (Brush pile times of operation: Wednesdays 8 AM to 4 PM and Saturdays 8 AM to Noon.)

Additional questions can be directed to the Borough Office at (570) 523-3614 or feel free to stop in at the Borough Office located at 55 South Fifth Street, Lewisburg.

Lewisburg Borough Market Street and Metered Parking Spaces Snow Removal

Lewisburg Borough Public Works staff will undertake snow removal from Market Street and the Metered Parking Spaces on Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, and Sixth Street beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 12:01 am.  All vehicles should be removed from Market Street and these Metered Parking Spaces by this time.  The BVRPD will ticket and tow all vehicles remaining.  Please note that no vehicles should park along Market Street until at least 7:00 am on Wednesday morning and no vehicles should park in the side street metered spaces until the “No Parking” bags have been removed.  Since the snow has turned to ice in many places, the Crew plans to place salt and/or anti-skid in the metered spaces as needed once the snow is removed.  As such, please don’t park in the metered spaces until Borough staff or the BVRPD remove the “No Parking” bags.  Illegal parking in these spaces will result in ticketing and towing.  We anticipate that snow removal activities will continue on Market Street until 7 am and the metered spaces on the side streets until 9 am or so.  Afterward, the Crew will begin snow removal activities on Sixth Street, Seventh Street, and Eighth Street until noon.

Lewisburg Borough’s Mixed Use Path/Nature Play/Floodplain Restoration Project Update

The Hufnagle Park Parking Lot and the Kidsburg Playground are closed. These closures are expected to remain in place until at least November 2021 but may continue into late spring 2022.

St. Louis Street between South Fifth Street and South Sixth Street is also closed for sidewalk and utility work. This closure will likely be in place for a limited time, but please keep checking our Facebook page and website for updates.

Parking restrictions on South Sixth Street between St. Louis Street and James Alley are expected to begin later this week. Please also watch for temporary closures of South Sixth Street for construction-related activities.

As always, please obey all road closure signs and watch out for workers in construction zones.

Please check the Borough’s website (www.lewisburgborough.org) and this Facebook page for future updates.

Lewisburg Borough’s Mixed Use Path/Nature Play/Floodplain Restoration Project Update

Hufnagle Park Parking Lot and St. Louis Street have been reopened.  The Kidsburg Playground is expected to reopen during the morning of Friday, June 25, 2021.  The initial phase of demolition/removal activities has been completed.

During the week of June 28, 2021, the contractor expects to be working on handicap ramp replacements in the Hufnagle Park parking lot, at the intersection of South Sixth Street/St. Louis Street, and South Sixth Street/St. Catharine Street.  Please watch for lane closures and parking restrictions on St. Louis Street and South Sixth Street.  In addition, the parking lot at Hufnagle Park may be closed at times to allow for demolition activities and concrete placement.

Long-term closure of the Kidsburg playground and the parking lot at Hufnagle Park are expected to begin on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.  Parking will also be restricted along South Sixth Street between St. Louis Street and James Alley.  These closures and parking restrictions are expected to remain in place until at least November 2021 but may continue into late spring 2022.

Please check the Borough’s Facebook page and the website for future updates.