2024 Streets Project Construction Updates

The Borough of Lewisburg’s 2024 Street Mill and Overlay Paving Project is scheduled to
begin on Monday, May 6th and conclude by Friday, May 10th, weather permitting of course.
Residents and visitors should anticipate daily street closures and parking restrictions
during construction. Please obey all posted “No Parking” signs including temporary
construction parking restrictions. Violators will be ticketed and towed. As always, please
drive slowly and carefully through all construction zones and obey all “Road Closed” signs.

Please be patient during this process as there will be periods of time that you will not be
able to drive on the following roadways:

1. South Front Street between St. George and St. Catharine Street
2. White Pine Alley from South Front Street to South Water Street
3. Walnut Alley from White Pine Alley to St. Louis Street
4. Cherry Alley from North Front Street to North Water Street
5. Plum Tree Alley from St. John Street to St. Mary Street
6. Raspberry Alley from St. Mary Street to St. Anthony Street
7. North Eleventh Street from St. Mary Street to St. Anthony Street
8. Ikeler Street from the Dead End to Maclay Avenue
9. North Sixteenth Street from Buffalo Road to St. Paul Street
10. St. Paul Street east from Fairground Road