Beginning on Monday, October 10, 2022, the Nature Play Area in the Kidsburg Section of Hufnagle Park, Lewisburg Borough will be closed for the season.  With the hot, dry summer we experienced and the heavy use of the new playground this year by residents and visitors, the grass in the Nature Play Area has failed to properly root in many places.  The Borough Crew will be closing the Nature Play Area to reseed, fertilize, and mulch large areas of this section of Kidsburg.  Without foot traffic on the reseeded area, we anticipate that grass will root properly this fall and that the Nature Play Area will be ready for use again next spring.

The First Responder-themed destination playground donated by PlayPower/Playworld in the Kidsburg section of Hufnagle Park will remain open this fall as long as weather permits.  The Borough Crew will be undertaking the reseeding of some areas near the playground (and in other areas of Hufnagle Park) over the next few weeks.  We will not be closing the First Responder-themed playground, but we do ask that you please stay off areas with fresh straw as it is covering recently planted grass seed.