Just a reminder to all Borough residents, visitors, business owners, and those who work in Lewisburg Borough.

Snow removal activities in the parking spaces and curb areas of Borough streets will continue the week of December 21, 2020.  The snow removal schedule will follow the posted “no Parking” street cleaning schedule for Borough streets.  Please remove all vehicles from the posted streets no later than 7:00 am each day and do not park again along these streets until at least noon.  Please do not assume that we have completed our work after the first pass of the equipment.  We will likely return to these streets just before noon to place anti-skid and ice melt materials.  In addition, the large amount of snow received has slowed our typical snow removal process.  What has usually taken us a few hours is now taking most of the day.  The longer the street is clear of vehicles on your posted “No Parking” day, the better the street will look by the end of the day.  We hope to have all Municipal Parking Lots and Borough street parking spaces cleared by the end of business on Thursday, December 24, 2020.


Please note that illegally parked vehicles on all streets will be towed to help facilitate snow removal activities.  Please obey the No Parking signs.  The BVRPD will assist us with vehicle ticketing and removal.  Vehicles must be moved for the equipment to properly and safely clear the parking lanes and roadway edges.