Lewisburg Borough 2020 Streets, Alleys, and Sidewalks Improvement Project

Lewisburg Borough Council recently selected streets and alleys to be included in our 2020 Street Improvement Project. It is anticipated that the following streets/alleys will be repaired and repaved beginning in the spring of 2020:

• St. Paul Street west of Fairground Road (including Breeze Drive)
• Brown Street from Malcolm Street to the Railroad Crossing
• Sections of St. Louis Street near South Eighth Street and US Route 15
• North 12th Street just south of Buffalo Road/Route 192
• Walker Street/Loomis Street from University Avenue to South Seventh Street
• Wagner Alley from Bell Alley to St. Louis Street
• Bell Alley from South Seventh Street to South Sixth Street
• Cherry Alley from US Route 15 to just west of North Seventh Street (including a portion of Currant Alley)
• Hazel Tree Alley just north of St. John Street
• Chestnut Tree Alley from St. John Street to Cherry Alley
• Blackberry Alley from St. George Street to St. Catharine Street
• Pear Tree Alley from St. Louis Street to St. Catharine Street

In addition, it is anticipated that the project will include repairs to Borough owned sidewalks on Market Street, North Third Street, North Seventh Street, South Seventh Street, and in the municipal parking lot between South Fourth Street and South Third Street.