2018 Street Improvement Project/Phase II

At their September meeting, Council awarded the 2018 Street Improvement Project/Phase II to Dave Gutelius Excavating, Inc. Gutelius Excavating will be undertaking improvements on: South Third Street between Market Street and St. Louis Street; Cherry Alley between North Seventh Street and Linn Alley; South Sixth Street at James Alley; South Eighth Street between St. Louis and St. Catharine Street; St. Catharine Street from just west of South Eighth Street to South Seventh Street, and a small portion of Hawn Alley.  Improvements will also be undertaken at the Borough Office parking lot. Be sure to watch for closed roadways and areas posted no parking. Gutelius Excavating anticipates beginning handicap ramp/curb cut work on South Third Street and South Sixth Street later this week (weather permitting).

We expect the project to be completed by the end of November 2018.