As a grantee of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, Lewisburg Borough annually undertakes a Fair Housing action to comply with the State’s Fair Housing requirements.  This action helps to affirm and further fair housing in Lewisburg Borough. For Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2021, a Fair Housing Hub was created on SEDA-COG’s website to affirmatively further fair housing. This webpage can be found at https://seda-cog.org/ under the For Residents tab.


The purpose of the webpage is to raise awareness within Lewisburg (and other local communities) regarding the right to fair housing choice without facing discrimination. By utilizing this tool, residents will gain knowledge on fair housing laws and rights, affordable housing options including rent and mortgage and utilities assistance, accessible housing options, housing quality, bias and discrimination, financial literacy and preparedness, and access to opportunities.


We encourage our residents, property owners, social service agencies, housing managers, and lending professionals to take advantage of this opportunity to affirmatively further fair housing in Lewisburg Borough by reviewing the information contained at the link https://seda-cog.org/departments/community-development/fair-housing-educational-guide/.  We also encourage those individuals, agencies, and companies to share this link on their websites and social media platforms.


Any questions regarding the information contained at this link can be directed to Tyler Dombroski, Director, Community Development Program, SEDA-Council of Governments – tdombroski@seda-cog.org.