Sign Regulations

(Excerpt from Zoning Ordinance)

504.3 Placement.

A.   To the maximum extent possible signs shall not be located in any public right-of-way.

B.  Not withstanding anything herein to the contrary, no sign shall be erected in such a manner as to create an unsafe condition for motor vehicles, bicycles or pedestrian traffic.

  1. No sign shall be erected that in any manner obstructs free and clear vision at any intersection.

C.   No sign shall obstruct the free ingress and egress to or from any door, window, fire escape or other exit; or that obstruct a window, door or other opening providing light or air, or that interfere with the normal functioning of any building.

D.   No sign that is part of or supported by a building shall be erected upon the roof of said building, nor shall such sign extend above the height of the building measured at the lowest part of the roof.

E.   No sign shall be painted or mounted on rocks, trees, or other natural features.

F.   No sign shall be attached to any utility pole.

G.  For purposes of this Ordinance, signs shall be exempt from front yard setbacks.

H.   No sign or portion of any freestanding sign shall be located within five (5) feet of any side lot line.

Temporary signs in residential districts intended to advertise yard, garage, or neighborhood sales shall be allowed for a period of no more than four (4) days in any month, without permits being required. Such signs shall not exceed nine (9) square feet in area.