Lewisburg Borough Market Street and Metered Parking Spaces Snow Removal

Lewisburg Borough Public Works staff will undertake snow removal from Market Street and the Metered Parking Spaces on Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, and Sixth Street beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 12:01 am.  All vehicles should be removed from Market Street and these Metered Parking Spaces by this time.  The BVRPD will ticket and tow all vehicles remaining.  Please note that no vehicles should park along Market Street until at least 7:00 am on Wednesday morning and no vehicles should park in the side street metered spaces until the “No Parking” bags have been removed.  Since the snow has turned to ice in many places, the Crew plans to place salt and/or anti-skid in the metered spaces as needed once the snow is removed.  As such, please don’t park in the metered spaces until Borough staff or the BVRPD remove the “No Parking” bags.  Illegal parking in these spaces will result in ticketing and towing.  We anticipate that snow removal activities will continue on Market Street until 7 am and the metered spaces on the side streets until 9 am or so.  Afterward, the Crew will begin snow removal activities on Sixth Street, Seventh Street, and Eighth Street until noon.