Lewisburg Borough’s Mixed-Use Path/Nature Play/Floodplain Restoration Project Construction to begin this month

Date: June 2, 2021

Construction for the much anticipated and long-awaited Mixed Use Path/Nature Play/Floodplain Restoration Project in Lewisburg Borough will begin later in June 2021. The project will involve three major components:

(1) Extension of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail in Lewisburg Borough from Market Street to the campus of Bucknell University – a paved mixed-use path for both pedestrians and bicyclists will be constructed along the municipal parking lot in Hufnagle Park, St. Louis Street between the railroad tracks and South Sixth Street, and along the east side of South Sixth Street. The new mixed-use path will connect the current terminus of the Buffalo Valley Rail-Trail with the campus.

(2) Nature Play Area – a natural playground will be constructed adjacent to the Kidsburg Playground in Hufnagle Park. The nature play area will include vegetative plantings and play equipment incorporated into the local environment. Logs, rocks, and plantings will create play opportunities for children of all ages. The nature play area will also create locations where visitors can access Bull Run/Limestone Run for water play opportunities.

(3) Floodplain Restoration and Native Plantings – historic fill will be removed from the floodplain of Bull Run/Limestone Run to reestablish the original floodplain and to create additional holding capacity during flooding events. Rain gardens and other water features will be installed to enhance the area for local flora and fauna. In addition, a large number of native trees, shrubs, and grasses will be planted within the restored area. Plantings will include a “food garden area” where nut and fruit-producing trees and shrubs will be planted.
The approximately $1.4 million project is being funded through grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and funding from Lewisburg Borough.

Residents and visitors should anticipate closures of portions of the project area at various times during the remainder of 2021 and the spring of 2022. As necessary closures are identified and scheduled, Lewisburg Borough will post information on its website (www.lewisburgborough.org) and the Lewisburg Borough Facebook page. As the construction schedule currently stands, we anticipate the closure of the following locations by late June or early July 2021: (1) municipal parking lot at Hufnagle Park; (2) the playground at Kidsburg; and (3) the street parking spaces along the east side of South Sixth Street between St. Louis Street and James Alley. The public should also anticipate intermittent street closures of St. Louis Street (between South Fifth Street and South Sixth Street) and South Sixth Street (between St. Louis Street and James Alley) at various times over the next year.